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Buy blackout blinds, UK's most comprehensive and extensive choice of vertical, roller, roman blackout blinds. Including nursery, PVC waterproof, thermal plain and patterned fabrics.
Banish unwanted light, stay warm and cosy, reduce noise, prevent UV bleaching effect and create a new interior look with our versatile range of plain, patterned and practical blackout blinds.
Based on the type of blind it is possible to introduce a bold, room statement or provide simple unobtrusive functionality. Roman blackout blinds have a plush look when you open them giving layered texture and depth to your window dressing whilst roller blackout blinds have an 'up and out of the way' finish when you draw them.
Nursery blackout blinds are perfect for helping your baby and toddler sleep during light nights and our thermal blackout blinds keep out cold draughts and trap room heat during winter months.